Why super heroes hurt people


A silly sci-fi/super hero story about a super powered alien who constantly thinks he is doing more good than the actual harm that he produces. You can READ THE FULL STORY HERE ON ASSOCIATED CONTENT


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What is with the ending to the Harry Potter film series


It looks like I made the wrong decision to have Associated Content make this film review “exclusive” as I wrote it about two weeks ago and they just gave me the published OK. SO anyways, I am not hte biggest Potter geek out there, but I was really let down by the ending of the film. You can read the full review by going to my Associated Content page and CLICK HERE

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Why was the moon dark in Transformers 3


I got to watch Transformers 3 last night. I was a bit bummed that the local IMAX was pretty much sold out, especially since I had been bumping myself up all day by watch about thirty episodes of the classic animated series. But THIS TRANSFAN (an uber Transformer geek) felt the film was the best in the series and why I was so provoked to write about it when I got home. Not sure if the picture’s link will work, but you can CLICK HERE to read my full review along with other pieces of Transformers writing on Yahoo’s Associated Content page


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Can you learn from a video game? If you use Gamestar Mechanic


Learn, Play, Create & Publish Your Own Games for Free

Are you being pressured by your Principal to utilize more projects in your classroom based around the STEMS standards? Are your students bored with projects and you have no way to connect with them? Does it seem that

 they only want to talk about how far they made it on the Zombie level of Call of Duty, and not how important your instruction will mean to their future? Well then, look no further because now you will have the opportunity to teach to your students’ strengths and interests as they create video games utilizing the free web site – Gamestar Mechanic……..


If you would like to read more about my latest article on Yahoo’s Associated Content, just click the LINK HERE to learn how you can use this awesome web site with your students

Making Dinner With Mom (published in the Pink Chameleon)


I actually wrote this article about a year ago, a somewhat sappy non-fiction piece about my Mom and I as a little kid. A sappy memoir really. Just happy that I got published in another venue and hopefully continue to get my name and writing out there.


If you’d like to read the full article, you can check it out on the official Pink Chamelone site RIGHT HERE and look on the left side of the screen for my link