2011 Spring 8th graders Silent Films

My students created films that were inspired by the Silent Film genre.After analyzing the works of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Birth of a Nation, they then broke up into groups of four to each fulfill a film makers role: Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Actor/Writer.

The students and I also had a great time going through various facets of the film making process, in particular, the acting games where they performed charades, pantomine and various other acting games to get them using their bodies to tell a story, rather than their voices.
I feel like my students got really frustrated with the whole editing process, as some of their files were deleted, misplaced or somehow just disappeared due to one reason or another. After doing this project two times already, I will instead make sure that the students simultaneously upload to Dropbox and Jaycut.
But overall, I was really happy with the work they put out this time around. We got more videos than I did last time, in fact, I was able to get every student to upload their film to You Tube.

Feel free to click on one of these files if you would like to download it. Or you can scroll through the You Tube versions on the Embedr playlist above.

I was also pleased to see that the students were able to utilize the green screen / chroma key feature in Jaycut. The students who made the “Last Mountain Dew” video utilized it to take advantage of a rainy day and shoot inside, and the group who made “Hide and Go seek…” where able to send students in environments that they didn’t think possible.


Black Water Middle’s Video Game Arcade commercial

This is a commercial that I made utilizing Imovie and Jaycut which promotes my website mrgsgames.blogspot.com

The commercial is intended to promote the work of my students, and to let other people out there know how easy it is to create a video game utilizing the free site of gamestarmechanic.com. 

And in case you haven’t realized it yet, the style of this video was really inspired by 1980’s BMX commercials and old school wrestling promos. I hope you enjoy it, play my students’ games and make your own using Gamestar Mechanic

I think you can easily see my inspiration from this vintage “Monsters of Rock N Roar” commercial. The theme song is STILL stuck in my head after 20 years!

My scanned in Sun News article on attacking Horry County Teachers


Here is the scanned article from the Sun News that my Letter to the Editor appeared in May 6th of this year. I wrote this letter in response to a recent piece done by WMBF news who put down teachers for taking too much time off and placing the classroom in the hands of substitutes.


You can also check out the original article on the Sun News website by CLICKING HERE


AND just in case you were wondering, I even posted the original WMBF piece “Taking roll of local teachers, who is present?” which really inspired me to speak my peace on the subject which you can check out by CLICKING HERE to their site

Biltmore Who’s Who Selects James Salvatore Gorcesky as an Honored Member of the Executive and Professional Registry


Here is a screen cap of the Press Release site that features an article that announces my acceptance into Biltmore Who’s Who


if you’d like to read more, CLICK THE LINK HERE to go to the official press release site

BWMS 8th grade Candyland Prom


Listed below is a video that I created utilizing Picasa and royalty free music. A small select group of 8th graders created a variety of decorations for the 8th grade prom this year, which had it’s primary influence from the classic board game, “Candyland” and Katy Perry’s video of “California Girls.” 

I was very proud of the work that they came up with, especially how they were able to turn a cafeteria into a candy filled wonderland. The kids really enjoyed it too, as you can tell how decked out they were for the evening.

The Refrigerator from Ruin 5: Climbing the Crisper


Mr. Grindhouse Infilitrates the Fridge but Will the Juices Turn Him Loose?

To see what you missed in the last Chapter of Refrigerator from Ruin: Mr. Grindhouse, click here

The bag of coffee beans, Mr. Grindhouse, plops down on the tiled floor and stares at the monolith of a fridge before his eyes. He approaches slow, weary that he may alert the peering eyes of the demonic infused Leftovers, who patrol the crisper bins and the main entranceway intro the frigid aired front gate.

Grindhouse spills a few beans out, to get as flat as possible against the crisper drawers as one of the Condiment Commander’s glass feet tap….


If you would like to read more about this silly tale, check it out on my Yahoo Contributor page and CLICK HERE

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