Got a Top 1,000 Badge on Yahoo! Contributor Network -Top 5 articles of the year that did it

 Top 1000 badges are awarded annually to the contributors who received the highest number of page views during the year. This is the info that appeared on their website, I was totally flabbergasted with excitement when I saw the badge on my Yahoo Contributor Network profile this weekend.


Here are some of articles that got me there! Here are my top 5 articles of the year with the most hits (click on the Pinterest image to take you to the article)

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Walt Disney’s Impact on the World of Animation





My ultimate Class Dojo resources (article and YouTube playlist)

Click the image below for my Yahoo Contributor Network article: 

Using Class Dojo: IT Education Tool for Behavior of Middle School


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I have also created a YouTube playlist with my own tutorials  and some provided by Class Dojo

Got Hot 100 in November on Yahoo! Voices Please Nominate Me


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What teaching tools were found at ISTE ’12? Check my Livebinder, article and more


Check out my Yahoo Voices article on ISTE


Wanna read more? Click for my ISTE article full of web tools & links

ISTE is the massive collection of the leaders in Educational Technology. I was very fortunate to get invited to the session in San Diego and I represented Horry County Schools’ Middle School grade level.

Here are some images of the beautiful view of the city


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How can you teach with blogs? Use Posterous for Portfolios

Want your students to Blog in a safe environment but reach as many social networking platforms as possible?


I was initially informed about the great power of Posterous through Horry County schools Edtech guru Sean Junkins, (check out his Posterous here –

The great power of this site is to post information such as images, text, links, videos, etc and have them automatically feed into a variety of other sites. My goal this year is to use it with my students to keep them informed, to also allow them to create their own Posterous sites and share their information into a variety of their own social networking platforms.


Find out how you can use this awesome educational technology for your classroom and click on the tech tutorial link.

What are some of the greatest zombie films of all time? Check out my Squidoo lens

Like Zombies?


Check out my latest lens on Squidoo where I have been able to gather all of my creative writing on zombies, along with several movie reviews on some of my favorite horror films that feature the undead. The lens has pictures, a video clip or two and inter active features, such as ordering your favorite horror film from Amazon.

How do you stream movies in your home?


Check out my creative writing and tech reviews by checking out my latest lens that I created on Squidoo. It features all of my articles that I did for Associated Content on streaming movies to your PS3 and Xbox. I also discuss a variety of other streaming movies sites such as Netflix, Crackle and Tversity, along with my latest article on DVD43 so that you can decrypt dvds and convert movies with Handbrake to make your own dang digital copy. The lens also has some tech tutorials, polls and other inter active fun, so check it out


Check out the entertainment and home media networking / streaming movies articles by clicking to my Squidoo and be sure to participate in the poll at the bottom of the page.