How to use Drawcast for a grid painting

Before I started up my Drawcast / Minecraft project, I wanted to see how it would look like when I made. I had some time to kill, so I wanted to dedicate some time to drawing.


I am not sure who the original artist for this Captain America picture, but I really liked the stance and how the shield is shaped. I got it off of this Variety page prior to the film coming out


I have used the Drawcast app before, I made a previous post where I used it’s layer functions for Atmospheric Perspective. Now I wanted to utilize it by including a 1″ grid as the background and then create a gesture drawing on top of it


After I feel a gesture drawing out, I fill it in to showcase the contour lines and the musculature of the work. Basically, I had to look at the original image on my iPhone while I drew it on my iPad


 A great function with the Drawcast app is not so much drawing on the layers, but combining them and adjusting the Intensity/Translucence so that you can see other works, but not others. In this case, I combined layers to move them around


 And I then colored in the individual blocks using the paint bucket tool to make my background. If I were to do it all over again, I would use this tool more to help give me that blocky feel that I am going to make in Minecraft next. 


 By tinkering around with the layers some more, I got the transparency and arrangement of them just right. I knew that my students would be okay to take up their part of the project, so check out the gallery of Student Drawcast Grid Paintings


Edmodo Assessment – make quizzes and instant feedback

My latest tutorial on how to use the quiz function on Edmodo so that you can make up quizzes for your students.

I like this A LOT better than grading through Google Drive and Flubaroo. There is also a great way to add files and links to the quizzes, so you can make the quiz orally administered through sites such as Vocaroo

Don’t forget to check out my previous Yahoo Voices article on using Edmodo for Assessment

Check out my Edmodo tutorials YouTube playlist

Voice Thread Memoir work

My Media arts students did a Voice Thread project in collaboration with the 8th grade ELA teachers. I thought it would be fun to do this with the iPads and the free Voice Thread app BUT never again!

The app only allows users to export via email. SO I had students login individually onto my laptop and then I would access their VoiceThread and embed it into my blog. I am hoping that after I post these they will be viewable, but for some reason only one is showing. This is frustrating as I know my kids worked very hard on them.







Ciarra’s work




Sahra work



Kaitlyn Briscoe























Toondoo about Ancient Civilizations by 6th graders: How to use digital storytelling for interdisciplinary projects

By collaborating with the sixth grade Social Studies classes, students had some great info about ancient civilizations such as the Indus Valley, Mesopotamia and Egypt. 

They were able to view my ToonDoo Tutorials to complete it. Check them out so you can do this in your class

Jorge on the class system in Zuggerats in Mesopotamia


Vanessa and Selena Gomez explain Egypt

Mittens wants Egyptian Spaghetti and learns about Ancient Egypt along the way

Trinity and Katniss talk about the Indus Valley to help Katniss out on a test

Ariella gives us a tour of Ancient Egypt

Timmy talks about the Huang He

How do you paint a memoir

By collaborating with the 8th grade ELA teachers, my students go to take the memoir that they were working on in their ELA class and turn it into a painting


 One of the first things that we did was study compostion, such as Masaccio’s Holy Trinity. The goal was for the students to come up with three rought sketches of a memori that would get the viewer’s eye all aroudn their work. The students used the info sheets from the English teachers to help plot out their favorite memories.


The students then received a palette, palette knife and acrylic paint as they began to work with color. I encouraged them to only use the primary colors, just so that they could see what values and hues that they could make. 


 Over the course of a few days, they began to wrap up their canvas boards with their paintings. Some of them even had a bit of free time to make up a “free draw” painting so that they could use up their paint


It was nice to have a class set of Ipads at our disposal so that they could further discuss their memoir work. The students that finished first got to use the Pages app so that they could properly showcase their art and emotions into a written form. Check out some of them below

Anti Tobacco Empressr presentations

I wanted my students to utilize their digital citizenship skills by using public domain photos and focus on an alarming topic for their age: Tobacco use and how the media arts can educate others on its dangers

They utilized a recent blog post that I had on Empressr Tutorials so that they could complete it on their own time

Students got to use the free web tool Empressr in order to make embeddable slide shows. It is a neat program where they can record their voice and/or face utilizing the built in web cam on the netbooks.

Some of the 8th graders focused on the dangers of tobacco


Some of them got to focus on the chemicals and side effects. Overall, I was really happy with their work, and it made another great addition to their eportfolios on Kidblog