Qwip recordings on Masks (why do we wear masks) prior to Paper Mache

This was a draft of a post I was working on last year – I think this app still has potential.


I am trying to use Qwip in my class but the students and I are having bit of a difficulty utilizing it. When I saw it advertised on a site, it appeared that I just had the kids “attach” a file to their recording.  Instead, it looks like you need to hyperlink a photo with the URL of the QWIP?

Use the app or the site to attach audio 









Toontastic : animated #digitalstorytelling #ipaded about Skyrim

As part of a recent digital storytelling project, I provided the students with a writing prompt of “what is your favorite moment,” “summer vacation,” “most embarassing moment..” something that involved the kids memories and it had a beginning, middle and end. I discovered some great Digital Storytelling resources from Tom Banaszewski

To help with the students writing and sharing of their file, they utilized the Pages app and sent the file to the class’ Dropbox account

If the student needed it, I would then print off their story so they could read from it and narrate their story through the Toontastic app


There have been plenty of animation projects in Mr G’s class in the past with my students but this was my first time using this app with my kids. I think this app can be geared more for younger students, but it was nice the kids could draw their own characters and backgrounds and narrate/animate by hopping around, similar to the Photo Puppet app

Sharing wise, I have my issues in order to make this free:

  1. Student completes their film and types in MY email/password that I set up for the class account (Note: If student doesn’t type in their own username/password on the Safari, they don’t hit the network)
  2. After a few minutes, I have to check my Gmail account that I set up with when I initially created the class’ Toontastic account.
  3. I click on the message within my email, which I then must view AND approve within the Toontube aspect of the Toontastic site. 
  4. After reviewing, I can then share the site via Facebook, Twitter or an embed code. Since my students need to publish their own work, I need to send them their work to Edmodo
  5. I copied/pasted the embed code and sent a direct message to the student on Edmodo
  6. The student in turn would then have to copy/paste THIS embed code into their Kidblog account as their eportfolio. Unfortunately, through the app, students can’t add in PDF files of their writing, so they had to embed their Toontastic along with a SCREEN CAP of their writing they did in pages.

All of the Toontastic work has bee compiled into an iBook – check out the BWMS Toontastic Memoir iBook 


Student interview creating Greek Myth on Animation Creator w/ Lesson Plan

 I interviewed one of my students that was using the Animation Creator app on the iPad to create a cartoon inspired a Greek myth. I found some great resources for the project that perhaps you can use Myth, Writing or Digital Storytelling in your class.

Here are the instructions, along with rubric and pre-writing handout

Student made iMovie trailer: Life of a Teen

As part of my unit on 8th grade film making, I introduce students to the concept of how to shoot video on an iPad and the easiest way to learn editing – by creating a trailer

Check out my iMovie Prezi lesson:


The Disney Golden Age of Animated Movies Reborn, Thanks to Roger Rabbit – my review


In the 80s Disney was not exactly the force that it was in the animation world, going up against such forces as Don Bluth. Find out how they helped rejuvenate the animation genre and recharge the Disney golden age look by checking out my latest 80s animation article about Roger Rabbit and Golden Age Disney Animation

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Student creates 3d model of ancient Egypt with Minecraft


By teaming up with the 6th grade Social Studies standards, the students took their knowledge about Ancient Egypt and applied it towards the art they made in my class using Minecraft

See how this student showcases a model of his Minecraft world after studying Ancient Egypt. It helped out that he built upon his previous knowledge of Minecraft where we Dilated paintings and remade them out of Minecraft blocks.