BWMS Medieval Fashion Show a @HCSInfo performance featured in @HorryIndep article @ArtIsEd #myr #horry #artsed

I’d like to give a very special thanks to Heather Gale for coming out and supporting the students’ production.

If you’d like to see pics and YouTube videos of what the BWMS Medieval Fashion show was all about CLICK HERE

Here are some scanned GIF versions


Or, check out this great article from the Horry Independent as your favorite PDF. I have also included the brochure that one of Mrs Baker’s students designed for the fashion show

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My students worked together to design costumes based off of Medieval fashions while maintaining  a balance team work and problem solving.

The film shows the BWMS Medieval Fashion Show at Black Water Middle School as a showcase of work from my seventh grade art students.There are also photomontages of the groups workng together to form their costumes.

This video is a master collection from all of the footage of IPad, Flips and the digital cameras to help give some insight of all the work involved in this project. This is the best of the best.


I have been documentating my students’ progress for several weeks, so I have a FEW of those pics arranged into a Picasa slideshow below:


I also have a combined these pics into a Picasa movie





  • I also have created an embeddable lesson plan that you can use with your students. It basically utilizes teamwork and problem solving to create wearable works of art. 
  • And here are just a few other pics that you can chek out in the image gallery
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chk it @ArtIsEd @NAEA @usedgov – Scratch art and Medieval costume work #lessonplan #artsed #happysaturday

7th graders in the Black Water Middle School art class got to take a brief detour of their Medieval Costume Design so that they could get into Scratch art. 


The students had to create a sketch based off of a photograph from an animal, plant or piece of architecture and then experiment with our brand new scratching tools on scratch board to properlly show texture and form.

Check out the Power Point file below – 

Or you can view the Google Docs presentation right here and post it into your Edmodo site

The other students that brought in their own duct tape were able to work on their costumes for the fashion show, check out some of their progress below:


chk it @NAEA @Think360Arts @TADartists 8th grade Pop Art work & tiedye #lessonplan in #myr #artsed

After watching the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine film, my 8th graders at Black Water Middle School learned about the Pop Artist Peter Max. 


In the past, I have had my students draw contour sketches of bodies and fill them in, but the students seem to find it more engaging when they can do a life size sketch and fill in a total of twenty-four patterns inside the body. Unfortunately, I was low on paint this year to let them color in bodies. 


There were also a few students that were able to bring in their own white t-shirt that could by tie dyed, and show off inspiration of 1960’s culture. All the while listening to the greatest hits of the 1960’s such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Motown.

You can check out the lesson plan here, whether attached as a PPT file (modified from a great lesson I found on the Incredible Art Department) or you can view the embedded Google Docs presentation as well:


FINALLY, check out some of their completed works below











BWMS 8th grade student gallery Still life #sketches & WPA art #lessonplan #artsed #horry

To help the students get a firm grasp on form, value and contrast, Mr. Doublet and I set up some still life stations and allowed the students to work with charcoal and graphite. 


We were really pleased with the work that the students came up with. I only wish we had more time to spend with them on working with the carcoal so they could independently create more forms and values on their figures based on the Works Progress Administration / People at Work lesson plan which can be found below from Google Docs

6th graders Ancient Greek vases w/ crayon etching: student gallery & #lessonplan #artsed #horry #socialstudies


6th graders learned the conept of contrast and variety when they made a crayon scratch work on tag board in the shape of a Grecian vase.


Students had to come up with the basic Greek vase shape, which was a subject they were also learning about in their Social Studies class at the time.


Students then had to put a light layer of crayon down on a piece of tagboard. They would then put a much darker color of crayon on top of it.  


By using our scratch art tools, the students could scratch away some shapes and objects off of the darker shade to create contrast.


I initially got this idea off of the Incredible art department web site, but I have also turned it into a Powerpoint with some Discovery education videos on it 


You can check out my Power Point right here:


I have also a Google Docs presentation of it that you can embed into your site or Edmodo wall to share with your students



Check out some of the work that the kids made