Spring ’12 Burroughs & Chapin art museum and MB State Park field trip

Another exciting year for our annual field trip

My students got to explore and create art by visitng the Burroughs and Chapin art museum. Afterwards, we load back on the bus and head over to the nearby MB State park for a picnic and create sand sculptures with spray paint.  Check out some of the images below



Students paint the pit wall at MB Speedway (album) field trip

This was a really fun activity. I got invited to come on down to decorate the MB Speedway’s Pit Wall for its Grand Opening. I personally wanted to invite students that weren’t in my class, but I also thought it would be a great idea to honor the students who worked so hard this year: whether not getting any referalls or students that improved their grades and behavior. Check out the Animoto video made by one of our chaperones Mrs. Shelley, and not to mention a lot of the pics below