Can you learn from a video game? If you use Gamestar Mechanic


Learn, Play, Create & Publish Your Own Games for Free

Are you being pressured by your Principal to utilize more projects in your classroom based around the STEMS standards? Are your students bored with projects and you have no way to connect with them? Does it seem that

 they only want to talk about how far they made it on the Zombie level of Call of Duty, and not how important your instruction will mean to their future? Well then, look no further because now you will have the opportunity to teach to your students’ strengths and interests as they create video games utilizing the free web site – Gamestar Mechanic……..


If you would like to read more about my latest article on Yahoo’s Associated Content, just click the LINK HERE to learn how you can use this awesome web site with your students

One thought on “Can you learn from a video game? If you use Gamestar Mechanic

  1. Hi Mr. G! I just read your full post on Yahoo’s Associated Content. I am the learning content producer for Gamestar Mechanic and wanted to thank you for such a comprehensive and positive post! I like to reach out to teachers using Gamestar, so if you have a moment, please email me at to get in touch.

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