Final Fauvism Paintings with Drawcast

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This student created a Fauvist inspired painting of President Obama by using a Complementary Color scheme of Purples and Yellows


Fauvist Painting Rough Drafts w/ Drawcast


After the students learned the basics of contour sketches and color schemes, they did a bit more advanced work than their hand by taking a photo of one of their classmates, or downloading a public domain photo

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The Real Ghostbusters animated series review


How did this long running series help change animation in the 80s? What was the difference between the Real Ghostbusters and the Ghostbusters with the Gorilla?

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I am Featured in the Launchpad Leaders Program for use of Toontastic


I was asked by Launchpad Toys to submit information and this video for utilizing Toontastic in such a creative way

You can also check out a previous post I made about using iBooks to review their Toontastic Memoirs

You can also view the iBook of Toontastic Memoirs by 7th grade BWMS Media Arts students

You can see the full Mission Plan as a PDF on the Launchpad Leaders sitel 

Student Stop Motion films on why they should be BYOD

Students were asked the question: “Should Horry County Schools be a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) School.”

They did research, wrote original skits and created props and backgrounds. I love animation, and wanted them to play around with Stop Motion animation. Some of them used objects in my class or themselves to get used to the app. 

Afterwards, students teamed up with a partner or two and switched off between the role of animator and camera operator on the iPad’s iMotion app.

It took the majority of a week for the students to shoot their 750+ frames, so that they could create a thirty second short (@24 frames per second)

The students could then edit and enhance their films with the iMovie app. I wanted each student in the group to add their own version or cut to the film, so they uploaded the video to a shared folder in Dropbox, and then downloaded the video to their own iPad.

Some of the students were just immersed with making their own music in the Garageband app, which could then be imported into their iMovie project. Whereas other students were content with the basic songs that came on the iPad.

This blog post features nearly every film that my 7th graders created.Some of them ran out of time to make music/titles, so I made a video of those and posted it to You Tube

 Check out the rest of the shorts that the kids made and see if you agree or disagree with the concept of BYOD in schools.