How can you make graffiti without spray paint? Use this Graffiti Creator site alternative

8th grade students are studying the American artist Keith Haring and the Principles of Design. In order to get them used to the style of Graffiti and incorporate a name tag design for their name, students used the great web site Graffiti Creator.

1st Block work


The only down side with the program is not being able to save your images. So, we had to use “print screen” and then paste/edit the photo in Paint. If you have a picture editing program at home (such as Gimp or Picnik), you can download your picture from this site and edit it more there.

5th Block work


If you do not see your picture in either of these galleries, it means you didn’t post it to Edmodo.

You can also view this embedded powerpoint from Google Docs to learn more about the history of Graffiti and Keith Haring



How can you teach with blogs? Use Posterous for Portfolios

Want your students to Blog in a safe environment but reach as many social networking platforms as possible?


I was initially informed about the great power of Posterous through Horry County schools Edtech guru Sean Junkins, (check out his Posterous here –

The great power of this site is to post information such as images, text, links, videos, etc and have them automatically feed into a variety of other sites. My goal this year is to use it with my students to keep them informed, to also allow them to create their own Posterous sites and share their information into a variety of their own social networking platforms.


Find out how you can use this awesome educational technology for your classroom and click on the tech tutorial link.

Howto #Decrypt DVDs W/ #DVD43 & #Handbrake & #streammovies to your @Xbox & @PlayStation

Wanna stream movies? Digitize your DVDs to your game console


If you are a movie fan like me, perhaps you were recently duped by the whole “digital copy” craze put out by the film industry. Well, now I found out how to do my own Digital Copy library of my own films utilizing the two free programs DVD43 & Handbrake. You can then stream movies to your television via your gaming console such as the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Check out my tech tutorial article on Associated Content and find out how.

What are some of the greatest zombie films of all time? Check out my Squidoo lens

Like Zombies?


Check out my latest lens on Squidoo where I have been able to gather all of my creative writing on zombies, along with several movie reviews on some of my favorite horror films that feature the undead. The lens has pictures, a video clip or two and inter active features, such as ordering your favorite horror film from Amazon.

BWMS Visual Arts Procedures & Consequences Quiz

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

BWMS Visual Arts Procedures & Consequences Quiz

Be sure to answer all of the questions below using any of the handouts that I gave you or review games

Student name * (type your name above in order to get a grade)

Which of these is NOT a possible procedure to follow DURING class *

  • Get the necessary materials & return to seat promptly.
  • Get materials, but run back to your seat and around the room
  • Talk quietly when permitted.
  • No food or drink in class.

What do you do when Mr. G is counting down to five? *

  • sit down
  • sit down and be quiet
  • pay attention
  • all of the above

Where can you find YOUR daily objective? * (what will you be learning today – BE SPECIFIC!) on the board under my class on the book shelf the projector screen

What procedures do you follow in case you need to use the restroom? * ( BE SPECIFIC!)

What is the color for your CLASS and where can you find evidence of it? * ( BE SPECIFIC!)

Which of these is NOT an EXIT procedure in order to leave class for the day * select one

  • Clean tools and area (on top of, beneath, and around the desk).
  • Put work in proper space
  • Leave class once the clock says it is time to leave
  • Sit down in assigned seat and wait for me to dismiss you.

Which of these is NOT an Off Limits area of the classroom * select one

  • Mr G's Podium
  • Mr G's Office
  • Cabinet under the TV
  • Student supply closet
  • Kiln and Storage Closet

The two biggest classroom rules that Mr. Gorcesky enforces are: * select one

  • Student safety and success
  • No touching and no out of seat socializing
  • Not misusing supplies and staying in seats
  • Staying out of the office and kiln
  • Come to class on time and do warm ups

What 2 Things should a student ALWAYS come prepared with into the classroom? * type it in

What procedures must a student do if they are tardy to class? * type it in

Which of these is NOT one of the five possible ENTRANCE procedures for the class? * pick one Enter class quietly Sharpen your pencil Get your portfolio Wait after the warm up is done to ask if you can use the restroom Sit in your assigned seat Begin the Warm Up.

What is NOT one of the five ways you can lose points for the class? * 5 of these are how I will TAKE POINTS AWAY from class

  • If anyone is out of their seats or talking after Mr. Gorcesky counts to five at the start of class.
  • Students returned to their locker after class begins
  • Five students didn't do the warm up, so five points were lost
  • Students used rr prior to first 30 minutes of class
  • Students went to nurse prior to first 30 minutes
  • For any student that was tardy—one point will be lost for each student that is tardy

What is NOT one of the five ways you can earn points for the class? * 5 of these are how you EARN your canteen points everyday

  • All students write their statements during the warm up
  • No one receives any major infractions (detention)
  • No garbage is left on or around desks
  • No personal belongings are left behind
  • All chairs and stools are pushed in
  • Everyone comes to class on time

Can you use social networking in school? Use Edmodo!


Want to bring Edmodo into your classroom? Check out my Yahoo Voices article on Using Social Networking in the Classroom

Feel free to utlize any of the videos below when you are first setting up your class, managing student accounts or contacting your students. You can download the actual videos below, or you can watch them in a streaming fashion through the Embedr playlist.


edmodo tutorial-create and manage student accounts 

 Use this video in order to first create your student accounts on Edmodo, or in case you need to manage them if a student loses their login information



edmodo tutorial-how to add an rss feed to your class 

Use this tutorial if you would like to add an RSS feed to your class such as from a blog, educational site or video channel so that you don’t have to do too much work to inform your students 



edmodo tutorial – how to adjust your profile settings and receive notifications 

Use this edmodo tutorial if you want to adjust your profile image (avatar) along with how do you want you and your students to receive notifications: through email or on their cell phone (NOTE ONLY USE THAT OPTION IF YOUR STUDENTS HAVE UNLIMITED TEXTING) You can also adjust/create a public profile to communicate with other teachers



edmodo tutorial – how to create and grade assignments 

Use this edmodo tutorial to help you create your first assignment or learn how to load one from your library if you made a previous assignment. I also guide you through the process of how your student completes the assignment and how easy it is for you to grade it and store their grades



edmodo tutorial – how to navigate through your site 

Use this edmodo tutorial if you are getting lost with all of the features and images on your home page. I show you which links to click on to help you sort through all of the posts and how you can update your public profile 



edmodo tutorial – how to send files and links 

Use this edmodo tutorial so that you can send files such as images, Office documents or audio files to your students. I also show how to send a link to a web site, and the differences between sending video url/embed codes from You Tube and School Tube



edmodo tutorial – how to send notes, alerts and polls 

Use this edmodo tutorial to utilize some of the easiest ways to connect and get feedback from your student. The three most common used features are note (send a message to a student/class); alert (an immediate notification) or a poll to conduct quick and easy assessment


For more Teacher Resources, you can check out the official page on Edmodo for Teachers


If you really liked Edmodo, be sure to check out the lens that I created on technology writing  on Squidoo and other web 2.0 and open source software programs that you can use in your classroom to connect with your students through distance learning.

How do you stream movies in your home?


Check out my creative writing and tech reviews by checking out my latest lens that I created on Squidoo. It features all of my articles that I did for Associated Content on streaming movies to your PS3 and Xbox. I also discuss a variety of other streaming movies sites such as Netflix, Crackle and Tversity, along with my latest article on DVD43 so that you can decrypt dvds and convert movies with Handbrake to make your own dang digital copy. The lens also has some tech tutorials, polls and other inter active fun, so check it out


Check out the entertainment and home media networking / streaming movies articles by clicking to my Squidoo and be sure to participate in the poll at the bottom of the page.