Prezi introductions by Media Arts students

One of my students was wondering if they could make their own Prezi after they saw my teacher introduction. I thought it could be a great icebreaker for them to talk about themselves for the start of the new semester. I just picked one per class that was successfully posted to Kidblog

Unfortunately, we found the hard way that students can only create a path for the Prezi within the web site – the app merely allows pictures, text and free roaming through the presentation

Anastsia’s Life of my Music

Braeden’s informative Prezi on WW2

Alex’s on Minecraft

Jakeria’s Interests

Dawson’s on Transformers

Just Dance 4 Dance off Experiment at Black Water Middle

I was trying to utilize physical activity, Math and video games in my class – so I decided to let my students collect data w/ iSpreadsheet, dance with the school’s new Kinect system and eventually analyze this data for a future infographic.  Here is a sample video of our findings:

My students also collected data from their classmates based on student age, player color (meaning, where the student was standing where they played), sex and score. The plan for next semester is to create an infographic that showcases the analysis of the data that will be preformed by the BWMS Math classes.

Here is a spreadsheet from each of the classes:







123DSculpt trailer of student work (Terra Cotta Warriors & Abstract Sculptures)


Don’t forget to check out the other works of 123DSculpt that the kids made which have been turned into Pinterest boards or other videos


123DSculpt spinning cubes of 8th grade sculptures


How to use 123DSculpt app and 3d models of bodies on Pinterest board

Here is another Pinterest board of the Terra Cotta Warriors that my students made too




How to use 123DSculpt app and 3d models of bodies on Pinterest board

My sixth graders were introduced to the free app 123dsculpt using the template of a human body


Don’t forget to check out the movies that my 8th graders made of their sculptures too:

123DSculpt spinning cubes of 8th grade sculptures

They also had a day to use this before I even touched it, so they helped me make up a tutorial

For the first day, the students just played around with the app, using the human body as a template. They posted their work to Edmodo and Kidblog and I felt it would be easiest for me to post their work to Pinterest



You can even take a photo of yourself and rub it onto the model! Check out the rest of these works on the class Pinterest board     123DSculpt App work of bodies

123DSculpt spinning cubes of 8th grade sculptures

My 8th graders studied Auguste Rodin and how he captured the dynamics of a hand and anatomy

I wanted to introduce them to the idea of subtractive sculpture. The 123DSculpt app allows students to start with a geometrical cube (and other forms). Afterwards, they will take away clay into the shape of a hand after they carve it away from the cube

But to get them introduced to the app, I figured the best thing would be for them to just work with a cube and add some features such as a rubbing of a photo on it