How to use Drawcast for a grid painting

Before I started up my Drawcast / Minecraft project, I wanted to see how it would look like when I made. I had some time to kill, so I wanted to dedicate some time to drawing.


I am not sure who the original artist for this Captain America picture, but I really liked the stance and how the shield is shaped. I got it off of this Variety page prior to the film coming out


I have used the Drawcast app before, I made a previous post where I used it’s layer functions for Atmospheric Perspective. Now I wanted to utilize it by including a 1″ grid as the background and then create a gesture drawing on top of it


After I feel a gesture drawing out, I fill it in to showcase the contour lines and the musculature of the work. Basically, I had to look at the original image on my iPhone while I drew it on my iPad


 A great function with the Drawcast app is not so much drawing on the layers, but combining them and adjusting the Intensity/Translucence so that you can see other works, but not others. In this case, I combined layers to move them around


 And I then colored in the individual blocks using the paint bucket tool to make my background. If I were to do it all over again, I would use this tool more to help give me that blocky feel that I am going to make in Minecraft next. 


 By tinkering around with the layers some more, I got the transparency and arrangement of them just right. I knew that my students would be okay to take up their part of the project, so check out the gallery of Student Drawcast Grid Paintings