8th grade student gallery of @morriscooke Photo Puppet movies on American artists #artsed #mlearning #edtech #edapp

8th grade BWMS art students had to pick one American artist from a selected list. They then had to type up a biography paragraph on Edmodo prior to receiving their IPod.

Afterwards, students had to log into their Edmodo site, where I posted a link of student photos. I took a photo of the students in front of green paper to simulate a green screen effect. Unfortunately, the Photo Puppet Go app doesn’t have the “remove green” effect that my IPad app has.

Once students downloaded their picture from Edmodo, they then had to import it as a puppet in the Photo Puppet Go app

The next step, students had to download one piece of art from their artist and then upload it as a  background in the Photo Puppet app

Finally, students combined their puppet and the background into a scene. Within the scene, they would animate their puppet while recording their voice which demonstrated their research on the artist.

When the film was done, a student could Tweet about it, upload it ot their YouTube account or save it to the camera roll.

8-1 films:

8-2 Films



Howto #Decrypt DVDs W/ #DVD43 & #Handbrake & #streammovies to your @Xbox & @PlayStation

Wanna stream movies? Digitize your DVDs to your game console



If you are a movie fan like me, perhaps you were recently duped by the whole “digital copy” craze put out by the film industry. Well, now I found out how to do my own Digital Copy library of my own films utilizing the two free programs DVD43 & Handbrake. You can then stream movies to your television via your gaming console such as the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Check out my tech tutorial article on Associated Content and find out how.