Student made Anime on @redsoftware Animation creator #edapp #mlearning #artsed #lessonplan

My 6th grade students studied a unit on Japan so I figured they could collaborate to create a piece of Japanese inspired animation (Anime) by using @redsoftware ‘s app: Animation Creator

In the past, I have done Manga work with my students, where they study the art of that time period while they learn about it in their sixth grade Social Studies class.

I wanted my students to utilize the Animation Creator app before they left me for the year, as I had some great examples in the past when my students made Greek Myth animations

If you would like to do something along this line, or a lesson on Anime, you can check out this Prezi that is a halfway conversion from my original Powerpoint with some elements copied from Lori Ingham’s Prezi 

7th grade student gallery of @morriscooke Photo Puppet movies on European artists #artsed #mlearning #edtech #edapp


7th grade BWMS art stdents had to pick one  European artist from a selected list. They then had to type up a biography paragraph on Edmodo prior to receiving their IPod.



Afterwards, students had to log into their Edmodo site, where I posted a link of student photos. I took a photo of the students in front of green paper to simulate a green screen effect. Unfortunately, the Photo Puppet Go app doesn’t have the “remove green” effect that my IPad app has.



Once students downloaded their picture from Edmodo, they then had to import it as a puppet in the Photo Puppet Go app


The next step, students had to download one piece of art from their artist and then upload it as a  background in the Photo Puppet app


Finally, students combined their puppet and the background into a scene. Within the scene, they would animate their puppet while recording their voice which demonstrated their research on the artist.


When the film was done, a student could Tweet about it, upload it ot their YouTube account or s
save it to the camera roll.

7-1 Movies

7-2 Movies

Sculptmaster 3D #app – Student gallery of Paper Mache mask designs #mlearning #edtech #artsed

In the past when I do my paper mache mask project, I have my students come up with a drawn and colored design of their mask that shows inspiration from either the Native American, African and Ancient Civilizations cultures.


The problem is, these students normally lose this paper or are frustrated that they can’t draw. Luckily, the Sculptmaster app (with a Free version that doesn’t have many exporting options) allows students to create a 3D representation with a clay simulation.  Lots of fun, but I would heavily recommend using stylus pens to help them add details.

I also found exporting the images as a little difficult from the teacher’s stand point. Normally, they could upload to Dropbox, but the server had issues with us. I had to use the Macbook’s IPhoto to pull any/all images off of the Ipods, but apparently most of the students didn’t follow the steps to export their images correctly or else I’d have a larger gallery here

How can iOS apps be used as digital storytelling tools


How Students Can Create Movies Out of Narrations and Digitally Altered Images

If you read my previous article on utilizing the Animoto app on the Ipods to create propaganda films, you can see how Storyrobe may be more of a digital storytelling alternative for you.

Digital storytelling seems to be the entire craze with teachers that work within education 2.0. There is this shift to go from simple show and tell presentations, speaking in front of the classroom with poster boards/tri-folds and really trying to make education exciting, engaging and teaching our students the tools that they will need through technology in our ever expanding and demanding twenty-first century work place.

Storyrobe is one of those apps that hopefully you, and perhaps the other teachers in your school, will see the potential for creating presentations or stories rather than the “old fashioned way.” I had first learned about this app through Mr. Junkins, who also helped me on the creation of this product. What makes Storyrobe so easily accessible is by doing just what the app promotes: “Create a story in three steps.”

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If you would like to see samples of this project, check out my posterous site