“Black Water Middle School” App – BWMS Mobile – Updates, Games, Learning & More

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Mr. Reeser and I created an app for Black Water Middle. It started off as something to inform the community about the school, but it continued to grow to include education and entertainment.

Source: myapp.is via James on Pinterest

You can scan the above QR code or click on the Pinterest image and it will take you to the app. 

Save it to your mobile device’s home screen and be a click away from updates

What you will get if you use the Black Water Middle App

  • Quickest way to get updates for Black Water Middle School
  • Contact a teacher
  • Calendar of upcoming events
  • Parents can check grades
  • Teachers can book a sub
  • Students can play games, view tutorials and more
  • Multimedia from sports, clubs, and major events

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How can students create their own apps? Use iBuild

My students studied up on the Principles of Design and took notes by using Evernote. Afterwards they gathered that knowledge and designed their own app using iBuild, which allowed them to make a free webapp that appeared as an iPhone simulator

If you want to do something like this with your students, watch my tutorial below on how they had to embed the app into their Kidblog

Kat made her app about her favorite show Death Note


Jason did his on his about Clemson


Juventino’s on Sports



Wendell’s on Chuck Norris et all



Brandi’s on WWE and wrestling



Finally, Cassandra’s on music