Howto #Decrypt DVDs W/ #DVD43 & #Handbrake & #streammovies to your @Xbox & @PlayStation

Wanna stream movies? Digitize your DVDs to your game console


If you are a movie fan like me, perhaps you were recently duped by the whole “digital copy” craze put out by the film industry. Well, now I found out how to do my own Digital Copy library of my own films utilizing the two free programs DVD43 & Handbrake. You can then stream movies to your television via your gaming console such as the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Check out my tech tutorial article on Associated Content and find out how.

How do you stream movies in your home?


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How can you stream digital copies of movies to Xbox 360

Windows Media and the Xbox Are a Perfect Microsoft Marriage


If you are like me and you have been on the latest tech information and ideas in order to make your home media storage into a home media entertainment center, you may also want to read my previous articles on streaming media with Tversity or watching Netflix but this article also primarily concerns using the Xbox 360 and streaming Digital Copies of your films with Windows Media Center.

First thing first, we need get your digital copy on your computer and/or media storage device to the Xbox so that you can stream the film to your television. I am hoping that I can save you some trouble about trial and error when it comes to information on the digital copy versions of version. I have been collecting movies for years, and from VHS, to DVD, to Blu Ray, it is now really nice having a copy that all I have to do is push a button on a remote and *poof* it appears on my television…….


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