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Mr. Reeser and I created an app for Black Water Middle. It started off as something to inform the community about the school, but it continued to grow to include education and entertainment.

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You can scan the above QR code or click on the Pinterest image and it will take you to the app. 

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  • Students can play games, view tutorials and more
  • Multimedia from sports, clubs, and major events

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hey @cutblog @ArtIsEd @NAEA chk it: BWMS Medieval Fashion Show- students make newspaper/duct tape costumes #k12 #artsed #lessonplan a performance #myr #horry

My students worked together to design costumes based off of Medieval fashions while maintaining  a balance team work and problem solving.

The film shows the BWMS Medieval Fashion Show at Black Water Middle School as a showcase of work from my seventh grade art students.There are also photomontages of the groups workng together to form their costumes.

This video is a master collection from all of the footage of IPad, Flips and the digital cameras to help give some insight of all the work involved in this project. This is the best of the best.


I have been documentating my students’ progress for several weeks, so I have a FEW of those pics arranged into a Picasa slideshow below:


I also have a combined these pics into a Picasa movie





  • I also have created an embeddable lesson plan that you can use with your students. It basically utilizes teamwork and problem solving to create wearable works of art. 
  • And here are just a few other pics that you can chek out in the image gallery
  • 7th_graders_class_work_on_the_medieval_fashion_show177th_graders_class_work_on_the_medieval_fashion_show6More_7th_grade_work_for_bwms_medieval_fashion_show7th_graders_class_work_on_the_medieval_fashion_show47th_graders_class_work_on_the_medieval_fashion_show7386501_270771389644443_110356765685907_709957_5366702_n7th_graders_class_work_on_the_medieval_fashion_show15382016_197444310334285_156014377810612_431810_1627465602_n388263_197447717000611_156014377810612_431895_1382090038_n394962_270771576311091_110356765685907_709963_1390478317_n377559_202217853190264_156014377810612_444039_308237542_n391363_197447507000632_156014377810612_431888_130316021_nChk_it_artised_naea_usedgov_-_scratch_art_and_medieval_costume_work_12_17_photo_13Chk_it_artised_naea_usedgov_-_scratch_art_and_medieval_costume_work_12_17_photo_20Chk_it_artised_naea_usedgov_-_scratch_art_and_medieval_costume_work_12_17_photo_21Chk_it_artised_naea_usedgov_-_scratch_art_and_medieval_costume_work_12_17_photo_23Chk_it_artised_naea_usedgov_-_scratch_art_and_medieval_costume_work_12_17_photo_40Chk_it_artised_naea_usedgov_-_scratch_art_and_medieval_costume_work_12_17_photo_51Chk_it_artised_naea_usedgov_-_scratch_art_and_medieval_costume_work_12_17_photo_26Fb_last_day_12_10_photo_20Fb_last_day_12_10_photo_18Fb_last_day_12_10_photo_fb_last_day_12_10_photo_6Fb_last_day_12_10_photo_3Fb_last_day_12_10_photo_fb_last_day_12_10_photo_10Fb_last_day_12_10_photo_fb_last_day_12_10_photo_12More_7th_grade_work_for_bwms_medieval_fashion_show_11_17_photo_41More_7th_grade_work_for_bwms_medieval_fashion_show_11_17_photo_15More_7th_grade_work_for_bwms_medieval_fashion_show_11_17_photo_48Dscf4981