Student grid paintings done in Drawcast

Prior to the students utilizing Minecraft to make art, they made a painting utilizing Drawcast. The goal was that the students would make a drawing on a grid within Drawcast, and then dilate that image into blocks utilizing Minecraft.


My 2nd block 7th graders created works based off of anatomy systems, which they were studying in Science. My other 7th graders along with all other students created works of art based on something that was important to them in their house


View the other 7th grade works of art in their Edmodo folder of 7th grade Drawcast art


View the 6th grade works of Drawcast art in their Edmodo folder


Drawcast art in 8th grade

After all of the students created their Drawcast art, they then experimented with Minecraft as part of the Flipped class session where the students ran the show