Elements and Principles Books by BookCreator

My first adventure using the BookCreator app 

has been an interesting one. I had my students research the Elements and Principles of Art, then create a piece of art that showcases that understanding. 

They would then import that file into the Book Creator app, I asked that they explain their understanding of their art and tell me which Element of Art and which Principle of Design they used

Along with writing about their art, I also asked them to make an attractive cover – as if I were shopping in a book store why would I stop to look at their book?

I also asked the students to include their autobiography in the book, just like the back of many published novels showcase

They could export their work as a PDF and share it with other apps (I used Dropbox) and dump it into iBooks. I am currently working on trying to find the easiest way to combine books per iPad and then export them to the iBooks store

Some other neat features with the app is inserting hyperlinks to photos and music. If only my iPads weren’t synced through Configurator, the kids could make music in Garageband as soundtracks. Instead, we were limited to clickable audio tracks, which is still pretty neat

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