Final Greek Myth Animation Creator works by 6-2 Fall ’12

Another year of using the awesome Animation Creator HD app with the students as they design Greek Myths into an animated form.

 Jaden does a great job for progressive movement and telling a story, too bad he runs out of time to add SNDFX

This year is the first time the kids are using the iPads with the app, so they have a larger canvas and a bit more bells and whistles such as adding sound effects and narration.

(Check out the previous Greek Myth Animation post to get caught up)

 Kristina does a nice job including photos and telling a story about anti-bullying

I got some great resources such as off of Discovery Education for their Greek Myth writing, and works of animation that are already based on Greek Myths. The students then had to write a story influenced by a Greek myth that solves a current societal or environmental problem.


Check out some of the previous work that I did with Animation 

Or my previous students that made Japanese Anime w/ Animation Creator


Marlo studied my animation book to get a walk cycle down pat

Some of the students did an amazing job with the dedication to this project, as we must have spent about a total of over three weeks on it – from conception to completion. 


I had each one of them save their videos to the Camera Roll on the iPad and then simultaneously post it to their eportfolio on Kidblog, but also post it to Edmodo so that I could download it from there and blog it here – which would then autopost to YouTube so that I could make a playlist.

Check out what the other class did with their animations!



















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