Accepted to #Iste13 to show off @GamestarMech for Gaming In Education


It is an EXTREME honor to know that my content that I wanted to share about this awesome video game design program got accepted

(check out my previous posts about Gamestar Mechanic)

This is the first time I entered and tried to present at a national conference – so I was extremely happy to hear that this was chosen as a session at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference in San Antonio


I unfortunately will not be able to attend this year – but I still wanted to take some screen caps and hopefully be able to utilize it for another year. 

2 thoughts on “Accepted to #Iste13 to show off @GamestarMech for Gaming In Education

  1. Thanks so much Kevin. Great gaming site! Loved the podcast reviews of games. That is a great idea along with all of your other stuff. Have you tried Minecraft with your students? I bet they’d love it. What do you use to record/host/post the MP3 reviews?

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