SC Education Oversight Committee Student Movies Innovation Contest

The EOC site asks the students, “How is Black Water preparing you to be innovative,” after my students did a previous lesson of experimenting with film making with an iMovie trailer – they now designed a 2 minute video for this contest.

I was really pleased with the majority of work that the kids made. Some of them used titles to help reinforce the message of Innovation, interviewed students and staff of BWMS to get their input and some even made their own music using the Garageband app

This is somewhat built upon my older lesson about film making using this Prezi, but with the iPads and iMovie, the only film cocepts I had to cover was make sure they film only in landscape

You can find out more info about filming on an iPad using this Yahoo Voices article about iPadography for Film

You can also check out some of my other previous projects of utilizing film editing in the classroom or my tutorials









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