InstaPicFrame collections of Drawcast dilations of Minecraft comparisons




  1. Once the students completed their Minecraft art based on their Drawcast drawing, they took a screen cap of it.
  2. In the InstaPicFrame app, they combined both images together and then saved it to their Camera Roll on the iPad
  3. In order to receive credit, students had to post their work to Edmodo. BUT in order for me to print and showcase their art, I imported the images from their camera roll to the Dropbox app
  4. Once in Dropbox, I could then upload all of their photos to my blog and also print them via the shared Dropbox folder on my various computers and devices. 


  • I interviewed one of my students from the process of making his circulatory sytem out of Minecraft blocks. It was his first time ever using Minecraft, so it was interesting to see what he had to say.

Check out the Student interview on Why he likes to use Minecraft.

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