How do you paint a memoir

By collaborating with the 8th grade ELA teachers, my students go to take the memoir that they were working on in their ELA class and turn it into a painting


 One of the first things that we did was study compostion, such as Masaccio’s Holy Trinity. The goal was for the students to come up with three rought sketches of a memori that would get the viewer’s eye all aroudn their work. The students used the info sheets from the English teachers to help plot out their favorite memories.


The students then received a palette, palette knife and acrylic paint as they began to work with color. I encouraged them to only use the primary colors, just so that they could see what values and hues that they could make. 


 Over the course of a few days, they began to wrap up their canvas boards with their paintings. Some of them even had a bit of free time to make up a “free draw” painting so that they could use up their paint


It was nice to have a class set of Ipads at our disposal so that they could further discuss their memoir work. The students that finished first got to use the Pages app so that they could properly showcase their art and emotions into a written form. Check out some of them below

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