How do you solve childhood obesity? Use digital citizenship and GIMP

I was really excited to do this project with my students. They learned about how the Media Arts can be used to solve world issues. An issue that I felt that was becoming an epidemic was childhood obesity


At first, students read up on how the media arts are viewed differently in other countries, such as the differences between the BBC and ABC or Hollywood vs. Bollywood. Afterwards, they had to research facts and photos about childhood obesity


In turn, I wanted the students to create a piece of art that could inform others about these dangers in the form of a collage. They had to practice their digital citizenship skills by only using public domain photos. 


Students got to experiment with the open source tool called GIMP, which is basically the free version of Photoshop. I have done some other projects with this tool in the past, so I was lucky enough to have a blog post that featured the basics on how to use this program with my GIMP Tutorials


My final guidelines were that the students create a collage with ten open source photos and a text box that featured a fact about obesity. Probably what they struggled the most with was saving their images in the correct file type, and then making sure they published their work.

Not ALL of my students could complete this task, but listed on this blog are the ones that I felt really met the criteria.


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