7th grade @Gimp collage of Perspective drawing student gallery #artsed #edtech #web2.0

7th graders at BWMS were introduced to the concepts of One Point Perspective and Surrealism. In the past, I normally allow the students to draw a room and then cut out images from magazines that would demonstrate the elements of Surrealism into their drawing.

This year, we scanned the original perspective drawings in, which you can FIND HERE by clicking the link to the students’ original work. 



Students would then watch the various GIMP tutorials that I made up so that they knew how to download images, cut them out and insert them into their drawings in the form of a digital collage. Like you may have read in my previous posts, GIMP is an excelent program to edit photos and it is a free alternative to Photoshop.



Unfortunately, it would seem that the students still had a difficult time watching the tutorials and then creating their collage as a .JPG and post it on Edmodo – but I was really pleased to see the work that they posted here for you to see.

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