How can you make an online presentation with Empressr?

If you would like to use the site 280 Slides you can make an online presentation and turn it into an embeddable piece of work on your favorite web site. The site is really easy to use, all you need to do is plug in an email (won’t have to check it) and you can make a simple presentation that can be embedded into a site or downloaded as a Powerpoint/PDF file.   (No audio allowed though).

Watch my video tutorial below to find out how:

You can watch this video to find out how to login/register for a new account, upload your pictures, create new slides, type out your info and then embed it into your favorite web site such as Edmodo


Empressr is also a great online presentation site. It is also free, but just takes a bit more info when you start to register. What I like about it better is that you can animate your slideshow and create narrations that can automatically go through the whole presentation. Afterwards, you can embed the slideshow into your favorite site, but it is a bit trickier (watch video #3 to understand why)


Tutorial 1 – You can view this tutorial to find out how to create/register for an account. Afterwards, it is simple on how to upload your pictures, create new slides and even use your web cam for narrations or take pics/video of you.

Tutorial 2- After you make your voice narrations, you need to know how to edit and insert them. I also provide some tips on how you can get your slideshow to automatically play with the narrations like a smooth movie. Finally, at the end, I show you how to save, but don’t worry about the embed code part…..

Tutorial 3 – Turns out there are issues when just “embedding” your presentation from Empressr when you are all done. There is a trick that you got to do in order to use the embed code from your main “my empressrs” page. View this video to find out how to publish your video to Edmodo

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