The Refrigerator from Ruin 4: Enter Mr. Grindhouse

The latest chapter in the Fridge from Ruin series. Now that Gallon Maximus has been duped to live in the fridge, he may melt in time before the bag of coffee beans bounty hunter Mr. Grindhouse comes to rescue him again



To see what you missed in the last Chapter of Refrigerator from Ruin: Movin’ Out, click here

Gallon Maximus slides on Snail Trail’s track of buttery spread across the transparent shelves of the refrigerator. “Welcome back to the land of Dairy, Maximus,” chuckles the butter.

The bucket of ice cream spins around to take in all of the sites of his surroundings. “Dairy…” Maximus says to himself and is quickly cut off by an arrogant voice from the closing refrigerator door…..


If you would like to read more, check out the article on the Yahoo Contributor Network page

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