What is a free alternative to Hulu and Netflix? Crackle on PS3


associatedcontent.com — My review of the web site Crackle.com. The site is very similar to Netflix and Hulu, in the fact that you can create a queue of your favorite movies and television shows, but it is absolutely free.


If you have never read any of my previous articles on streaming content in your home network to your television, than you should check those out along with this one. I am all about streaming Digital Copies of my video library, Netflix on my gaming consoles or Tversity on the Xbox, but just recently I discovered a new site to use on the PS3 that could accomplish similar tasks.

By accessing the web surfing screen on my PS3 the other day, I hovered the cursor on something called Crackle. By clicking on the site, it opened up thumbnail banners for numerous movies and television shows, most of which were owned by Sony…..



If you would like to read more, check out my article on associated content here,

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