How can iOS apps be used as digital storytelling tools


How Students Can Create Movies Out of Narrations and Digitally Altered Images

If you read my previous article on utilizing the Animoto app on the Ipods to create propaganda films, you can see how Storyrobe may be more of a digital storytelling alternative for you.

Digital storytelling seems to be the entire craze with teachers that work within education 2.0. There is this shift to go from simple show and tell presentations, speaking in front of the classroom with poster boards/tri-folds and really trying to make education exciting, engaging and teaching our students the tools that they will need through technology in our ever expanding and demanding twenty-first century work place.

Storyrobe is one of those apps that hopefully you, and perhaps the other teachers in your school, will see the potential for creating presentations or stories rather than the “old fashioned way.” I had first learned about this app through Mr. Junkins, who also helped me on the creation of this product. What makes Storyrobe so easily accessible is by doing just what the app promotes: “Create a story in three steps.”

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If you would like to see samples of this project, check out my posterous site

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