Why did Kindergarten Cop inspire me to be a teacher

“Maybe Its a Tumor….”


It was January 1991, my dad and friends were loaded into the Suburban on our way to the Poughkeepsie Galleria movie theaters for my tenth birthday. Kindergarten Cop looked funny enough during the holiday season, plus Arnold Schwarzenegger was one bad dude in a comedy

The years have passed on, and the film will always be a classic to me for it’s one liners, bad Arnold acting and another gem by Ivan Reitman. But I could instantly relate to the character of detective John Kimbel when my own career in education started off as a sub.

After recently quitting my five year long stint in retail in the promise of a side career as a postal worker, I had to quickly change gears again when I found out I couldn’t work for the U.S. Post Office due to a previous car accident.

My mother suggested that I should become a substitute, as I only needed my recently obtained BFA. It wasn’t too long before I landed a long term substitute position as a sub for another sub – which is just the same predicament that befalls Arnold’s character…..


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